I am on disability & my check is about $50 too much to qualify for AHCCCS
(az free health plan for indigent) after this clinic nearly broke me financially the put me in a non title 19 slot to receive meds for free. Thry never had me sign stipulation that an abnormal UA would disqualify me from program. My counselor says she told me but idont remember it, and asfter reviewing signed contract it is no where in there. They have noe kicked me out for taking ambien I didnt even know it was benzo diazapam and I was just having trouble sleeping. I had recently beenreleased from 10 yrs in prison. I am in extreme discomfort from rapid detox (6 days). Can i due them for misrepresenting contract and causing me undo pain 7 suffering. Can I force them to put me back on program? what are my options I cant afford to be private pay I am on fixed income from disability and it is $270.00 a month. I barely get a$1000 to pay rent eat & live on