I was admitted to the pshyciatric hospital on a 5150 at the beginning of this month. My outside pshyciatrist had me on 40 mg of vyvanse, and my impatient doctor upped the dose to 50mg which worked great. 2 weeks later, I addmitted myself voluntarily and was off all my meds(xanax, lexapro,VYVANSE) and the doctor prescribed me a 75mg dose of Vyvanse when I wasn't even taking it for over a week. The 50 mg worked great, the 75mg was aweful. Is it possible taking too high of a dose can lead to reverse effects of what the medication is suppose to do? The 75mg made me sleep all day, I couldn't interact with others, and my ADHD just seemed like it got worst taking that dose? Is that possible to happen? Will it do oppisite effects if the dose is too high for oneself?