... 5 min later) was another 2 mg, then a third injection of 1 mg. I felt no effect at all. Approx. 1/2 way through (15 min later) the procedure I was injected with fentinal, not sure of the dose due to my anxiety at the time but it did not provide any discomfort relief either. Any idea why this much Versed had no effect on me? I have had this sedative many times before and typically 5 mg puts me on cloud 9.
My guess is that my IV was not flowing at all or so little the meds never made it into my system. The nurse did turn it down after putting the catheter in a second location, (she put the first one through my vein instead of into it). I also have a round, half dollar sized, deep purple bruise from the IV.
Immediately after the procedure, I was able to walk to the restroom on my own. I remember the entire procedure, e.g. the injections, 3 polyps that were removed, the feeling of bloating when air was injected. The doctor talked to me about the results since I was so coherent and also said he thought I had an extremely high tolerance to the Versed. I never had more than 5 mg in the past.