I was on methadone for pain management but my Dr moved and couldnt find anothe dr. to continue my methadone treatment. Every Dr I went to said I will switch you to Dilaudid or oxycontin or anything but i will not write methadone. So therefore I ended up on the Methadone clinic. But another problem is, I have severe panic disorder and Im also on Lexapro and Klonopin, so the Methadone Clinic wants to kick me off because theyre policy is no benzos. I would like to come off of the methadone and switch to suboxone but the problem again is Drs dont like to put people on suboxone that are on Klonopin.Even if you go to medscape.com or webmd.com it says there are no interactions. Even drugs.com says minimal interactions. I dont know what to do I live in NY. Suffolk county.