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I want to replace 240mg a day of oxcontin,tried Opana 40mg 3 times daily..NG! anymore suggestions?

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Inactive 15 Nov 2010

There are longer acting pain meds like the fentanyl patch, ms contin and methadone. If the Opana is the new stuff, I have not seen one person say it has worked for them, many said it bothered their stomach, gave them headaches and just didn't do anything for the pain. You might consider complaining to Purdue pharmaceutical, as many have about the new formulation.

subsailorslady1980 16 Nov 2010

Opana works fairly well for me. Just today I was taken off of the 75mcg Fentanyl patch and put on 20mg Opana ER and 10mg Opana IR q6hours PRN. Along with your 40mg Opana ER did they give you anything for breakthrough pain? If they didn't then I would strongly suggest that you ask your doctor for something. While Opana is stronger then Oxycontin it is not for everyone. You may need to go to just straight up old Morphine and if you were on 240mg of Oxycontin a day then you will need at least a minimum of 360mg of morphine daily. I would also consider methadone for a better pain medication. Be very honest with your doctor and let them know that you are not getting the pain relief that you require and ask them what they might suggest. Good luck. Hope this was helpful. free discount card

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