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I want to quit smoking tobacco but I am having trouble doing it. What are ways to quit?

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mary..81 31 Mar 2011

There are actually a lot of ways to try and quit. There are even helplines and people you can call when your having a difficult time. You should try looking up support groups for quitting tobacco in your area, you may be surprised at whats available, but if not, the helplines are 1800 and nationwide. Im not sure what you've tried so I'll just tell you which ones I'm familiar with. There is the obvious and often succesful use of nicotine patches which for some are ideal. They can be bought in steps i.e. 24mg, 12mg, so that you are slowly bringing down the amount of nicotine in your system, making it much easier than just quitting cold turkey. People highly underestimate the power of nicotine withdrawl, which is why most of us fail at cold turkey quitting. Its much harder than we thought it should or might be. Other options you could try are the gum, lozenges.. also a similar method in how it works.. chewing less gum, sucking on less lonzenges.. weaning yourself off. For some people this is easier because it allows them something to do with their mouths and nicotine addiction is also about the act of physically doing something with our hands and mouths NOT just the nicotine that is in our systems. In addition to this there are medications that can be taken that help with the withdrawls, irritability and such that comes along with quitting. I'm not sure of all of them but I know there is a new one called chantix and have also heard of successes with welbutrin (sp?). There are of course side effects and precautions you have to take when using these. They might not be options if you have certain medical and/or mental conditions, but i'm sure if you talk to your pcp they would let you know whats best for you specifically. The hardest part of quitting is deciding to quit and not giving up on quitting. If you fail just keep trying. Surround yourself with support and throw yourself into things you don't typically do. I quit succesfully once for years and I know that when I quit the most important thing for me personally was to stay busy and active. I used the patch for a short time but than it didn't seem to do much for the phsyical aspects (hands, mouth) so I stopped with that and tried other natural things. I tried walks when I had cravings. I would jump up off the couch and go for a few minute walk every time i wanted to smoke and not only did this help but i ended up losing weight instead of gaining as most do. I also called my loved ones and told them what I was trying to do so that when things got stressful I had them to call and we would talk about whatever I was going through and i would feel better , without smoking! The craving to smoke doesn't actually last long it just comes really frequently, so you have to find ways to replace the habit and realize that you just have to wait it out and that it will be over. Feeling like smoking doesn't mean that you have to and when you throw yourself into other things you wont feel like it. I also put a big calender on my fridge and marked off the days, as they started to add up I could actually see my progress and that was somthing I felt good about and it encouraged me to keep going. It is like quitting anything, you do it a day at a time. This is how you have to train your mind. I'm quitting for today. I'll worry about tomorrow when it comes. Sometimes your getting through just minutes.. sometimes through just seconds but you get through it.. and don't be afraid to say "i'f I get through today, i'll allow myself to smoke tomorrow"... if you keep saying this, you'll never smoke. Good luck to you, hope i was able to help. free discount card

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