I don't feel the need to share my story on how I got addicted to this junk. All I know is I want to stop. I used to think it was the greatest thing in the world and didn't know how dangerous of a drug it was until I ran out and started experiencing withdrawals. My addiction has gotten so bad that I convinced my father to get me some from Mexico, since I failed in getting a prescription (I guess my doctor was looking out for me). I did my research and learned that in Mexico, you don't need a prescription (he lives in McAllen, Texas) I gave him my sob story of the migraines I was having (which is true and the reason I was prescribed it in the first place). I didn't care that my father was committing a federal crime. All I cared about was getting the drug. He's done this several times for me, but it's not right and it's not fair. I'm so ashamed of myself for getting him involved in my addiction and he's naive enough to believe I NEED it. Truth is, we don't NEED anything. There are natural remedies for everything and I'm sure I can find one for the migraines.
I want to slowly wean off of it like previous posts have suggested. What I'm inquiring about is how much do I lower my dosage if I take about 200-300mg daily in a capsule form, and for how long? Until I run out?
Everything posted on here has been tremendously helpful. I'm really scared of what is to come, but I know it's for the best. I'm so glad to have this website, I feel like I'm not alone anymore and that I can do this :)