I had my 2nd chemo on February11th and it took me 7 days to be able to eat 3 oz of steak and 1 piece of corn. I was dehydrated from the inability to drink liquids [my tongue had thrush and once that went away I had no taste bud on my tongue still have very little now] I spent most of the time in bed an dfinally went out of the house for a walk on January 20th. I never vomit, just feel like it, when I eat my stomach feels like it will explode with diareah, but I seldom can even go to the bathroom because I have not eaten enough. My first nausea medication begam with a C cannot remember the name it made me very sick I had an alergic reaction to it, now they gave me Zofran, that shut my system down, cannot eat or drink much of anything, they give me Avilox before chemo... I want try Emend, not sure if my insurance covers it, can you help me understand it more... also I take coumidin daily and that may be a problem?