I was told to stop the drug I was taking (oxycodone 4x's/day)
by a Dr. who thought I was taking too much meds. It took Dr's over 5yrs of on and off testings and trials to finally be able to give me a quality of life other than being on a couch. I moved and had to find a new Dr. No one wants to write any kind of Narc. drug especially the one I was on. The answers I received were that no one writes those prescriptions at this clinic. Frustrating..
Now, I am really sensitive to drugs of all sorts. She (dr.) told me that this drug called subutex was going to get me through the withdrawl symptoms and then when I was switched it would be easier to get off than the oxy.
I have always had to go on to a drug really really slowly due to getting extremely ill. I was worried about my reaction to the drug as well as afraid for the withdrawl.
I was always told by my old pain clinic Dr.'s that to stop suddenly would be too hard on me. It could cause a stroke or heartattack.
I had a reaction to the subutex after the second day of taking it I couldn't stand it any longer and stopped it. It was the weekend so I was not able to get to talk with the Dr who gave me the med. till Mon. I did not take any oxy in between. I have gone cold turkey and need help.
I am not able to handle these side effects any longer. It's been a week and I had started the week prev. to try and scale down some on the oxy so it would not be such a large dose to stop. I couldn't do that either... I only was able to scale back 10mg. and I was soooo ill.
I am having a problem with my muscles right now cramping and twitching. I have not been able to sleep and I have only at times of utter exhaustion gotten 3hrs one night. I have no energy left it seems to fight this. I lay down and it jerks so hard involuntary that it flips my one leg. and my upper arms do the same... my insides feel like they are vibrating non stop. The woozy dizzy feeling is soooo bad as well.
My chest has been hurting on and off and my upper arms also feel tight like someone is squeezing them beyond the point of being able to stand it!
She had me quit so much stuff that I am afraid for my health.
The drugs and over counter meds I took were celexa, omeprazole,
dimenhydrinate ( I had to take it everytime I took oxy due to the illness I felt with the drug)
synthroid, and ibprof. when needed.
She had told me to take another dose of the subutex because she said that the nausea should be gone and side effects if I cont. to take that drug.
I got hot from head to toe... a burning sensation, with severe headache and pressure. I threw up... and had sever nausea. My pupils were really tiny and my vision blurry. Sweating severe to soooo cold. I never took another dose of subutex after that...
She told me (Dr.) to start to take my celexa again and my synthroid. I also she said can take dimenhydrinate. I feel really bad still.
I need help with this withdrawl. I am feeling so wretched. Is there anything I can do to stop the twitching and tight muscles. I am not able to sit still... I have to get up and walk around a little to stop the sever jerking. I feel like I'm going off my rocker.
Thanks for any help...