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I want to know how long does hydrocone stay in your system?

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mfpdfibro 10 Jun 2010

If this question is in reference to a drug test, your answer would be 3 to 4 days.

Inactive 11 Jun 2010

My husband actually took hydrocodone the day of the test and prior and it didnt even show up so i cant really agree with the other persons answer i guess it depends on the person maybe.

mfpdfibro 12 Jun 2010

It also depends on what they are looking for in the urine/drug test in the first place. How much water you drink too. If it is a drug test for work, any or all physician prescribed medications are allowed and should be discovered in the test. Just make sure that you tell them you have taken it, that you have a prescription for it, and even bring in the bottle for them to verify. Or it could have been an old prescription in which you just took that last dose. Make sure that at one time it was prescribed in case they call the physician. Without any more detail than what you posted, I am not sure what the outcome will be. Good Luck!! free discount card

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