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I want to gain some weight. I am 25 & my weight is 52.2Kg. Please come up with some good suggestions

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JohnySmith 29 Apr 2010

To manage you condition you need to find the reason why are you not able to gain weight. It may be lack of appetite, infectious diseases, diseases of adrenal gland, insufficient nutrition

fall queen 29 Apr 2010

illask, If only so many of us had the same problem! I am not speaking about any of my friends on this site as I do not have a clue what they look like.I am 5'9" and carry 160lbs. My mom is 5'2" amd weighs 207lbs. Gosh my chihauha is chubby! Ok, This method worked extremely well for my son when at age18 he shot up to be six foot four but he was as skinny as a rail. When you are in the grocery store go to the section that says nutritional drinks, they are in with slimfast, ensure etc. You can use ensure ( or the store brand of it) to drink between meals. The have about 350 calories a shake so if you had one 3x a day you would be putting eleven hundred extra calorics in your body daily, of course you must excersice even if you are trying to gain. GNC sells excellent protien powders and nutritional drinks to help you body store some extra calories.

Inactive 29 Apr 2010

I think You're just the best, fall queen. :-)

christineATU 29 Apr 2010

Brent... I couldn't agree with you more!

fall queen 29 Apr 2010

I think you are pretty cool yourself, brent25

vtech10 3 May 2010

hey brent have you been under a stressful circumstance or do you burn it off, with activity,how about a rheumatologist, or a doctor that diggs into glands, thyroids and such maybe they can help, my son now 23 is 6'2 and skinny and tall i ve watched him run, eat vitamins in powder form something like a bulk muscle type of thing, i know they were not steroids, but if vitamins do not help then i suggest a doctor o express those issues and wait to see what comes out... so take care i will be thinking about you... v-tech10 free discount card

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