i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about 17 yrs ago. i took xanax for anxiety and prozac for depression. im now 37yrs old and have gone to delta counseling for treament bc i was off my meds since i was 24. recently my mother was very concerned about my depression anxiety and sleeping over 12 a night plus taking naps during the day. not wanting to get out of bed or go outside PERIOD. i dont like riding in a car or going in public. my mother was so worried that she has paid for me to go to delta counseling to receive treatment. she is a waitress and barely makes it herself bill to bill. i went for my first phyc visit in march which was over 180.00. then i went to the same client and went to the dr the phyc referred me to.the doctor put me on ritilan and prozac. i keep a journal and went to see him the following month to explain to him the meds were making me even sleeper and i had done research on my new diagnosis adhd ocd social phobia depression anxiety and panic attacks.he didnt care to see my journal or discuss changing meds. he upped the mg and how often i take it. he was rude and said he had paperwork to do before his afternoon clients.in order to change to the other dr in the clinic i have to pay the 180.00 for phyc and 68.to see a new dr.i was crying and upset i need to know how to go bout seeing the other dr without all the cfosts.