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I`ve been on suboxone for 2 years for opiate addiction,is this to long to be on this medication?

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subzero58 31 Mar 2010

hi lora,you are the only person who can realy answer that question. i have been on sub for 8 months. i got on it to stop my morphine addiction. for me to go back to morphine would be a death sentence. the name of the pills were kadian. they were prescription med for pain management.if you feel like your ready to stop,then do so.but if you even think about using again your not ready either. they have no long term adverse reaction... if you ever need to talk my name is subzero58... pete

paulsport3 1 Apr 2010

from paulsport3: Most people are on suboxone for 1 year, but no 'program' is a complete fit for each individual, your degree of substance abuse,mental and physical health and how hard you are working at sobriety and your ability to deal with pain and just life's overall challanges depends on your time needed on suboxone. Also,talk with your counselor,sponser and treatment team, see what they think. Some people progress faster than other's. For me, it has been 3 months and things are just starting to turn around, I have fought addiction from morphine,percocet,soma , benzo's you name it. I have seen this destroy and end many young and old, I have seen death and despare, but ultimately, it is up to you, how you feel,your seriosness in comittment to your program,and how well you understand your addiction and how far you think you really have progressed. At some point you have got to take on the world head on. Again,.

mpvt 31 Mar 2010

There is no time limit for this drug. Are you doing well on this drug?? Are you happy and productive with work or school or a happy housewife/Mom. Don't let uneducated people tell you that you are switching one bad drug for another, these people have no idea what this drug does for it's patients.
You will know in your gut when you want to ween down and stop. It takes a long time for your brain to recover from years of abuse and I know that methadone doctors usually follow this rule, the patient should be on methadone for at least as long as he/she was abusing.
So don't worry about taking this drug even for life, it won't hurt any of your organs and it certainly is a better choice then abusing heroin or morphine or whatever your DOC is/was... Good luck and follow your gut... Dave free discount card

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