Decided not to cover that particular drug anymore evan though cheaper and gave me a choice of:#1.Methadone (witch don't do nothing for my lower back pain and leg pain,Before getting my Dr. to try the OC's I was on crutches 3/6 X a year on account of 4 herniated lower back discs and bad legs from knee down upon finally giving me a m.r.i. he finally relented in 1999 and haven't been on the crutches since) Anyway the 2ND option was fentanyl patches which I found out I was giving me rashes etc. and didn't stay on for 7 days apiece #3 choice was morphine sulfate that worked fine but Dr. would not write for it He Says the name has a "stigmatism" and #4. Avinza (same as morphine sulfate but dif. name and $550. instead of $200. that was all he would write for and the insurance co. don't mind paying all the xtra $'s on account of being on their phrmacoligy list the sane reson they stopped paying for o/Cont's replaced on thier pharmacoligy list but will only cover 2 pills not 3 as my doc wants to write for 3 60 mg. caps. and 3rd pill I would have to pay $200. a month for ,But they will cover 2 90mg. caps. But My Dr. Can't get it though his head that 3x60 = 180mg as 2x90 =180Mg's,So I am stuck in the middle and am only getting the 2 60mg pills because on $900. a month that barley covers rent and there isn't room for $200. for the 60 xtra pills,Doe's anyone have a way I can get this though my Dr.'s head I have tried the normal argument that I am presenting here but he thinks in some weird way that a rx for 2 90mg pills is going to call more attn. to him than the 3 60mg' pills,Also I would have the operation to get rid of all this B.S. but they are only giving 70% of it working OK and 30% of basically being in a wheelchair and those odds are not good enough for me at least with the pills I am able to function and get around without a nurse to wipe my butt etc and don't want to take that chance until odds are more in my favor like 99% working out.Anyone with a solution "a better argument I can tell this Dr. I have known since he opened up his practice 30 years ago would be very helpful.
Thanks for reading this letter I know it's long but can only explain it this way. Dylan