i have degenerative disc disorder and have been on high doses of heavy duty pain meds from 2005-2010. started with methadone pills went 2 MsContin,2 fentanal patches,back 2 MsContin,2oxycontin,2 dulided,back 2 oxycontin,back 2 the fent. patch and then back 2 oxycontin.needless 2 say i became addicted 2 my pain meds and all got 2 tolerance levels and always was increased. i was always up to the highest doses of all these meds and my oxy 80's was from 2 /day--2 3/day and over all this time with my meds i could take up 2 4 xy ir's 15mg as needed/daily and somas. had an implant that 2 b taken out 3 months later so back on oxy's and then morphine 60mg and oxy 60's combo was my last Rx for all that dope.lost alot of weight made things a bit better with my back pain, now here it comes back full force and i don't want 2 go back on all those meds cause i got strung out and took as much as i wanted(like 3x -4x more /day of it all)from whatever i was on at different times. so now i go to a meth clinic and use it for my back pain. seems that relief wears off every2-6weeks and need 2 increase dose amount. was given tramadol by fam.dr. and not suppose 2 take it with methadone. tried every combo otc meds and nothing is giving me relief even with dosing at clinic everyday. can i take the tramadol without major problems, can i add another opiod with methadone?what can i do 2 not have 2 have Rx in my possession for me 2 abuse again? anybody out there with some advice 4 me?