My doctor would not give it to me. Im about to turn 22 this month have never had kids or negative exams on my yearly doctors visits. I wanted the Mirena because my stomach has been sensitive to all of the pills Ive tried over the past 6 years or so, making me just really ill every day. I tried the patch and had a skin reaction to it so I went back to the pill. When I had my visit last month I was refused Mirena when I specifically asked for it, she said the reason behind her decision was that I had never had any children and in the event that I may have multiple partners (which I don't) it is likely to cause certain infections. My question would be to those woman who have not had children but have Mirena... A) have you had and unusal infections due to the insert and B) Was it just my doctor giving me a hard time or is this something Im not doing right to get the Mirena done??