I'm 22yrs old female. I went to my psychiatrist because my head is filled with ten million things and my brain goes off in all directions at once and makes it impossible to accomplish anything, and it gives me extreme anxiety. My dr prescribed me to vyvanse after I tested positive for add and I went home and read all about it. I really liked everything that was said about how it should help especially with the problems I have, there seemed to be a lot of people having trouble with the sideeffects but that is any medication. So i decide I like what I read and I take it. The anxiety is gone and I no longer have a million thoughts at once, however I feel like now I have no thoughts. I can't focus on one thing because I can't even think up one thing. I feel like I can't comprehend anything and I don't feel motivated to do anything at all... actually now I'm almost bored though I should easily be able to find stuff to do. Is this normal do I need to take it longer, or is there something better for me.? Everyone says more energy more motivation more focus, I'm awake but not energized at all and just feel like a zombie. I'm literally having trouble constructing this question. I'm taking the 40mg vyvanse once daily.