... and I was able to decrease my dosage from 50mg taken at bedtime to 25mg. I usually took it a couple nights a week or occasionally more if I experienced anxiety or stress and couldn't break the pattern of sleeplessness. There was a period of time about a year ago when surmontil was not available. For about 9 months I couldn't refill my prescription and when Walmart finally was able to get it both myself and my doctor were pleased. However, the medication is not producing the same results in my body and I don't know why! It is not making me drowsy or relaxed, which was the main reason I was taking it. The prescription looks the same, but that is all. I hesitate to up the dosage because it makes me wonder if my body has developed a resistance to this drug. My doctor doesn't have an answer. This is brandname surmontil from Barr Pharmec. Has anyone had a similar experience and could offer some advice?
Sleepless Rose in Oregon