I started suboxone today like the commentary I just read. I was supposed to be monitoered by the doctor on tuesday when I took my first dose. The pain I was experiancing could not be quelled by vicodin or lyrica. By back was against the wall. I talked to a friend about the possible withdrawl I could experiance if I took it while I was still under the influence up opiates. He assured me that it would be alright.So I dosed myself 12mg. The dr, whom prescribed the pills probebly wont give me any more now, but the pain was too much for me. Now the pain is gone and I'm running around the house as if I was a painless person(which I am). This drug is a miracle for me!!!
What am I going to feel like tomarrow after the drug wears off and I don't have anymore? Will I experiance withdrawls after the first time taking it ?
What other choices do I have as far as pills for a pain free life??
I am seeing three pain management doctors who togfether prescribe me fentanyl patch(25mic). Tramadol,400mg a day.and lyrica 600mg.
and now suboxone. what am I going to do? any suggestions so I can have some kind of quality of life. The pain is all I dwell on all day long. HELP