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I took methadone once. How long will it take before my pain meds work?

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GeorgiaGirl 1 Dec 2010

I don't understand what you are asking but if you only took methadone once,then there is no reason your pain medications shouldn't work. Why do you think your pain medication wouldn't work if you take methadone? Unless you have been on methadone for a long period of time and have built up a high tolerance then your pain medication should work. If you want a more specific answer then would you please elaborate what pain meds you are taking and how long you took methadone or did you just take one dose.

I will add this and tell you if you have been using methadone for a year or even three months say a dose of 60mg and you stop. It may take a stronger pain medication to work than what you used before. I am sure after a a few months Vicodin, Lortab or Percocet would help but in my opinion never to the degree methadone did. I am assuming you took the methadone for pain and not for addiction. Methadone is a very potent pain medication. If it helps 40mg methadone =440mg morphine. You need to be opiate -tolerant to take methadone and it should be the last stop.
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