I took lexapro 10 while pregnant & my daughter was born 9 weeks premature & now has health risks & is severely delayed. I'm concerned & curious now could it be linked to me taking this medication?
I started taking lexapro around my 28/29th week & then she was born at 31 weeks. I was very hesitant about taking ANYTHING while pregnant but my doctor reassured me it was safe & that the only risk was a very minor case of withdrawls once the baby was born, although still wanting to refuse to take he said I needed it for my anxiety so I cooperated but kept it the lowest dosage possible.
Once my daughter was born she had to be carried to a better hospital where she cound undergo the proper treatment & tests be done, she had to stay in an incubator & on oxygen, heart monitors, etc the first two months of her life.
We've noticed a lot of struggles for her since she was about 4 months old yet we just thought maybe it was due to being a preemie.
As the months went on we noticed very little progress & that she was severely cross eyed. She's been doing physical therapy since she was 8 months old trying to get her to where she needs to be with her basic development.
She had her first birthday the 10th of this month & still has poor head support, difficulty sitting straight up, rolling over etc.
We've already seen a genetic doctor regarding this & he was clueless what could be wrong. Me & the father both have no history of birth defects or any health problems for that matter in either of our families. I just heard about this lexapro lawsuit & I'm wondering if anybody could help me out & tell me what the birth defects it supposedly causes & if they think her condition could be linked to my taking lexapro.
If anyone has any further questions or a similar story, please feel free to share with me.
Thank you, Kristen & Kyliee.