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I took a 30 mg percocet 24 hours ago how long will it be in my system?

This question has also been asked and answered here: How long does percocet stay in your system for a urine drug test?

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Inactive 15 Nov 2011

whiteboy23, i take percocet for pain every 5 hours. ive been on this pain medication daily for about 2 and a half years. i went to a job interview that required a 5 panel drug screening so along with a letter from my dr saying that im on this medication and its legit, and along with my bottle showing my labeling that its my name i took the test, funny thing is nothing showed up and i took my dose not even an hour earlier. so i guess it all just depends on the persons body. may i ask why your concerned on it being out of your system? leanne

DzooBaby 15 Nov 2011

They probably, in your case, did not test for thebaine derived drugs. When I was tested for work they only tested for morphine derived drugs. Oxycodone doesnt show on these, you need a special test for oxycodone so I didnt show positive either free discount card

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