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jk13 30 Jan 2012

First of all, no, no it will not as February 22nd as a long time away. Second of all, this is something that should not even be worried about if a doctor prescribed the med to you. If this is not the case, then you really should see a doctor about this. If you have the need to take a benzo to relax, then there's a real chance that you may have some anxiety issues. Seeing a psychiatrist and having them help you out and prescribe the medication is by far and away safer and also much more legal than is self medicating.

Now, if you did get the medication from a doc, I sincerely apologize!!! As I said before, you have nothing to worry about if it is from a legit prescription. If it is the later, took it to unwind, feel more comfortable, find depressants in general such as alcohol and opioids the drug of choice, this would be classic self medicating.

I started out this way myself, drank myself until I came just short of having an intervention, loved narcotics, benzos, and barbs. I also loved what at the time was just called liquid G, and would be on that day in and day out. Luckily, I met my wife and reduced the drinking and drugs considerably. Over ten years later, I finally went to see a psychiatrist, and am now more or less prescribed the very medications that I had previously took illegally, and I took them at the time due to my anxiety and hatred of reality. What do you know, turns out that I also have C-PTSD, a common response to a trauma disorder would be to block out the past. I now have no memory of most of my childhood.

I hope that I'm not overly preachy here (cause I know that I am), but on the off chance that you have a similar situation and do not have a valid prescription, I really would encourage for you to see someone. Not cause it's bad to break the law, and drugs are bad bad bad, but honestly for the simple reason that life is just so much better when you can get it under control, and when you have control, then you can do just about anything if you really want to...
Best of luck,
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