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I took 10 mg of xanax last night on tuesday and I have a test on thursday how can I pass?

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Inactive 15 Dec 2010

Hi Pablo,
I so hate to say this but, I think you may fail your drug test.
Yet call a pharmacist and ask if there is anything you can do. Better yet, call a Head Shop, they may have a better answer for you.
Best wishes,

Inactive 15 Dec 2010

10 mgs is a LOT of Xanax, surprised you woke up on Wednesday!!!

jbomb 15 Dec 2010

Why are you taking 10mg of xanax? Do you want to overdose?? I've had 4-5 friends overdose and die from xanax. Be careful. Sorry to tell you the xanax could be in your system for 1-3 weeks.

Inactive 15 Dec 2010

Perhaps Pablo meant 1.0 mgs of Xanax? Let's hope so!!

jbomb 15 Dec 2010

let's hope... free discount card

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