... because used Ativan for 9 years and wrecked GABA system.

Have read articles by Robert 325 and am convinced the best thing is a rel. quick taper of suboxone - I dont want to keep taking anything.
Was taking Rx of 140 oxys for 3 years. This abrubt quit has me barely able to move and type. Still lots of symptoms -- worst is NO sleep for last three nights.
This gets bad fast - and I recently found out small amts of naloxone block GABA as if it were a opiate.
My GABA system needs help and no naloxone.
But I am unlikely to be able to get subutex. Even though eliminating the naloxone may solve these major problems.it is possible that the naloxone in Sub has caused this No sleep - which is intolerable.
Sub is not covering w/d from oxys fully- and not doing anything for PAWS from the ativan slow taper.
In this context -- how can I use Sub of some kind to be off all drugs soon- like 6 to 8 weeks.
Being in this state has been intolerable for years - maybe being off all will work. Very hard to think straight and have good ideas.
Finally got some ambian from Dr but that is no solution to the sleep problem. Many other symptoms -- nearly all -- making me isolated and in pain and not even eating. Something better needs to happen. thanks S

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