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I thought Accutane was off the market. Are you taking Accutane or a generic brand?

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barbles2413 17 Feb 2010

I am not sure what you are asking

nrich 17 Feb 2010

I thought Accutane was off the market and it seems like alot of people are still taking it. I was just surprised. My son is on Claravis a generic form of Accutane. So that is why I was asking. I thought I was sending the question to the people who were writing about it. Thanks!

yarnie 17 Feb 2010

be carefull with this drug as your problems start when you come off it, i was given it and told verbally by the doctors after taking 4 month course that i had to take what they callled a maintanece dose afterwards, their is no mention in the drug info about this, and soon as i came off after 4 months it did the total reverse of its improvements and i ended up with a worse problem and untreatable where it was not before

nrich 17 Feb 2010

Thank you. Were you on Claravis? Did you clear up completely? My son is just starting to show improvement this month and he is on month 3. free discount card

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