... does the doctor care more about the money? or the actual success and healthy monitoring of the patient. Cause i feel like i was being bashed when i went to the consult with my doctor. He told me all this stuff about how he has no sympathy for me ( not that i was looking for any ) and no matter how hard my lifes been his has been harder ..and "i aint here to babysit a baby" and dont waste my time... so by the time i left i felt unwanted and more ashamed of my addiction then ever befor.I mean yeah he gave me these shitty pills but now i feel like i have a enemy instead of a doctor who should want to help me.any advice? is this how every doctor is? or am i just a shitty person that doesnt deserve help I dont know i just feel preety down and scared to go back there. I feel like he hates me and i get this feeling like hes gonna tell me when i show up for my next appt. that "yeah i dont think i can do anything for you sorry thanks for the cash peace"... yah know what i mean anyone? any advice would make me feel better