Hi, everyone. I'm very concerned about my friend. Actually, I'm terrified...

Before I continue, yes, I really am speaking about my friend, not myself. If the problem was mine, I'd have no problem telling you all that I'm talking about myself.

Ok, moving on... My friend is a heavy drug user. Opiates and Ambien are his thing. He's on Subox, but goes through relapses where he'll stop the Subox so he can binge on painkillers. And when he does, he usually tells me about it, because I guess he needs to talk about it. As hard as it is to hear some of the things he tells me, I am glad that at least he IS talking about it.

His latest binge started out in the morning by crushing up 5 30mg Oxycodone pills (quick release) and snorting them, and then crushing and snorting a 6th 20 minutes later, and this was just the start. For about a week, he was taking anywhere between 30 - 40 30mg Oxycodone quick release pills. And then at night, taking Ambien to get to sleep. Now, you don't have to be a genius to know that my friend is walking a fine line between life and death. To be honest, I'm baffled that he's still alive at all! I mean, 40 of thos pills a day!? Are you kidding me??? I've NEVER heard of ANYONE taking THAT much, ever!

He's currently seeing a drug therapist 3 times/week, and attends NA meetings, but it's obvious that it's NOT helping. We've had interventions, his parents and all other family members know about his problem, but in the end, no one can help him. I mean, we can't tie him down in a basement somewhere. Besides, the withdrawal would probably kill him if we did that.

I'm just at a total loss. I have NO idea what to do for him, or how to help him. There really IS nothing I can do unless he really wants to help himself, which leaves me angry and scared that I'm going to lose a friend if this continues. And to boot, he's a very, very successful financial advisor, makes a TON of money, and just made partner at his firm. So it's not like money is a problem for him. He actually dropped 5 grand in one week on pills. Can you believe that? And it didn't even dent his wallet.

So again, how I do I help someone who can't/won't help themself, and has the resources to do buy as many drugs as they please?

Man, what a freakin' situation. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it more than you know. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry if post seems like senseless rambling. I'm just letting it flow, lol.