I feel like it's time to quit.. I've been taking pain killers for.. I don't even know how long. I justify it to myself because I don't take a lot. I'm a pretty small girl and my tolerance just hasn't gotten crazy. I can only take 5-10mg of oxcy a day or 5mg vic/perc/whatever, I can only take 2, max (5-10mg also). THAT is my justification. It helps me with my homework (i'm a full-time student), I clean my house, i work out, I do everything just that much happier. The problem is, I have to take it everyday. I can't remember the last day I haven't taken anything. I can clearly remember, though, the days where i couldn't get any until evening time. Those rare, maybe 2days in recent history, I canceled anything I had to do that day.. until i had pills.
I'm ready to quit. I've been studying it and there's a chance I could have a seizure?? I just can't. I cannot risk having a seizure as a result of quitting and I'm wondering if, considering my lower dosage, this is something I have to worry about?