I have been on Deplin since 7/29/11, I have suffered from panic, anxiety and depression since 1995, and know is when I feel alive. My question is that around first wk of Sept I developed a rash around my inner thighs, saw the dr on the 12 and said bcause of heat and ppl with diabetes tend to suffer from these rashes, he called it a fungal infection. Well since then i have it on my stomach, waist, the cream helped, but today I woke up all around my neck reaching my hairline, forearm, elbow, back in other words practically all over my body. I saw the dr and he prescribed antibiotics and more cream.
My question... can somebody get an allergic reation after almost 2 months of using Deplin.
This is the only change in medications, since last year.
By the way is in patches and oh boy does it itch!!!
He said is because of my diabetes. I'am doubtfull, Im starting not to believe in drs. I was diagnose with MS and 1 month later undiagnose and the following month "not sure lets do all test again"
Yes MS is a very difficult disease to diagnose and specially since I have not had any symptoms, just that the mri showed 11 lesions in my brain.