Iv been taking hydrocodone for almost 3 and xanax for about 8 months. It started out with the hydrocodone about 40-60 mgs aday (for the first year) then i went to about 60-80 mgs aday (affter about a year and 6 months) and its been about that much untell about 6 months ago when i started taking xanax (about .5-1 mgs of xanax ) on them same dose's... But about 3 months i broke up with my Girlfriend, and to numb the pain iv been taking alot more then i ever have befor!!! Around 110-160 mgs of hydrocodone / 1.5-2 mgs of xanax aday and sumtimes more then that!!! I no Im going to far but i need to know if i stay at this high dose am i going to die? Or is there any way to lower my tolerance so i can still get high? And I do have a docter that gives me my pills, I got shot 2 times and i do have alot of pain and the only way to get true work every day with out being in hella pain is to take my pain killers, i do not have a scrip for xanax i get them off the streets! I have alot of stress!!! any help on both questions? I know i said alot but i have a good buzzzzzz!!! lol