i have been doing some online reserach, because i seriously thought i was bipolar, and by taking a online quiz for bipolar and one for anixety i soon realized i have a sreious form of anixety, i scored a 42 on the bipolar quiz and a 74 on the anixety quiz, i am 21 a stay at home mom,with 2 kids, with a good life im not in a bad realation ship and i pretty much have the world, but i sometimes feel like i have the world but have nothing at all, i am what most would call a crazy b****! i cant sit to long somewhere without freaking out, i get hot, when im ready to go im ready to go, when i go to someones house to visit i cant stand to stay to long or i get a urge of anger, my kids really dont aggervate me much though not anymore than normal everyday little mishaps, but adults get on my nerves, i am a clean freak, but sometimes get in moods where i dont want to do anything,or certain things drive me crazy,such as the shower certain not being pulled back orfood being ledt out,or say i do slack off on like a sunday orsomething monday i am running crazy stressing out over the mess, i hardly sleep, i stay up till 4/5 am and then get up at 8am, then sometimes take a nap with my son, but im tired but i just cant sleep, i freak out about noises at night and sometimes watch my kids sleep to make sure they are breathing ,. i will only let very few watch my kids mainly my mom, and i call and check in often, i refuse to let my kids ride in a car without me ,y idk , but i will freak out , i know i probally sound crazy and i am going to call a doctor, because i cant do this anymore im sorta not happy its liek im miserable inside but have the world on the outside, i have joined this site to get opinions or advice or maybe just someone to tell me im not alone and im not crazy and there is hope and i can be happy again and have personality because its been gone for a long time