Hello Again,

Well, I'm still here, the phone line is still working. I think I have a major problem.

Some of you might remember that about 2 weeks ago my breathing became much, much worse, over 2 nights. I went to the Lung doc and was given Symbicort in addition to Spiriva, and a rescue inhaler. I feel a little better, but I keep smoking. All last night I started to have very severe shortness of breath, especially after smoking. I felt like I just couldn't get enough air into me. At the moment I am slightly better, but I think I have a big problem here.

I got to thinking, can this be coming from my heart rather than my lungs, anyone have any ideas? And if so, what would be wrong to cause this? I am so scared. I then thought, I suppose I should go to an ER. But today is Sunday and tomorrow is a Holiday. Plus it's a Jewish holiday, and most of my docs are Jewish. I'm not sure what to do? I think they will decide whether or not to admit me first. If they do admit me, I think they will put me in a bed and leave me there until Tuesday. I don't think anything will be done unless I become critical. I have big problems in hospitals. They don't like how I take my meds, especially the Sub. And my Sub doc doesn't work in the 3 hospitals close to me. However, the other docs I know do. I also don't have a cardiologist I like.

I think I will need an Angiogram done of my heart. That test isn't done in these local hospitals. It's done in 2 hospitals too far for my car to get to. I suppose if I get admitted locally, that they will send me to get the test done in an ambulance. I hate all this. I'm so confused as to what to do, and I'm so alone through all this.

I'm now thinking I should try to stay home until Tuesday. But if I last that long, should I go to an ER, or call either the Sub/PCP doc, or the Lung doc?

And I also have all kinds of other problems, too complicated to explain here.

I think the bottom line is I can't ignore this any longer. I never wanted to ignore it. I went to a Heart doc 2 Winter's ago but he messed me up because he wanted to do a nuclear stress test first. He makes money with them, he doesn't do Angiograms. I found out 5 years ago that a Stress test doesn't tell them what is wrong, it only says something is or isn't wrong. If it is, an angiogram is then needed. I already know something is wrong. I went through this 5 years ago. But the Angiogram didn't find what was wrong. The Angiogram was done by a young inexperienced doc, who was being rushed that day, and he squeezed me in. All I'm saying is it's very possible he missed something. Can anyone see how complicated this all is?

Again, I hate being in hospitals, and I have no one who will visit me, and no one who can run home and get something I forgot. So I have to try and pack everything I might need. I learned in the past, that I should bring all my own meds. Some they can get, but a few they can't, such as Prilosec. They use that Photonix (sp) pill, which didn't work well for me. And I better bring plenty of Subutex, especially because I can't take the common one. I take a very hard to get generic.

I'd like to believe I can just get well sitting home and resting, but I think I'm kidding myself.

Oh yeah, my feet have been killing me all night. It's like they’re burning. I think that somehow that's connected to all this. It's another symptom of something. But what? I just don't know.

Thanks for listening.