I am going to see an orthopedest.Which is a BONE DOCTOR in a couple of weeks.So my PCP tells me to take IBUPROFEN 600mg in the meanwhile.Is she crazy.When she saw me she said didn't you come here before about this.I said yea but I just got out of the HOSPITAL a couple of days ago and they said I had to follow-up with you to get more pain meds.She said unfortunatley I cannot prescribe those kind of medications.So I am going to have to referre you to a specialist for your kind of condition.Is she a good doctor or bad doctor.What do I do??If I go back to the ER I don't even know if my insurance will cover it.I have already been 2 times within the past year.They might also red flag me.Which is highly UNLIKELY but if I get the wrong doctor on a bad day.Then I could possibly get red flagged.Please someone help!!Do you think that when I see my ortho he will presribe me the pain meds that worked.Oh so well in the ER or do you will he give me Lyrica or some stupid stuff like Nuerotonin??NO OFFENSE but I like the way opiates reliefs my pain.I don't care if people think I am disobediant or a drug seeking type person but that medication was the ONLY thing that helped.I have tryed every OTC medication for back pain and alternative methods.The only medication that works well for me are the OPIATE kind and I know that sounds bad but that treats my pain BEST.Please any feedback is greatly appreciated.