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I take Xanax for anxiety, can Dexedrine & Xanax be taken together?

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LaurieShay 28 May 2011

Hey usename,

There are no interactions between these two meds according to the interactions checker. Of course, it is best to check with the pharmacist or doctor.

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ace_rick 28 May 2011

Dear usename,

ElizaJane23 29 May 2011

My doctors had me doing this for awhile - I was sedated from my pain meds and had a sleep disorder and was prescribed a member of the benzodiazapine family, Klonopin, similar to Xanax, used for sleep in my case. Then they prescribed dextramphetamine (very similar to Dexedrine) in the morning to wake up. Uppers and downers was what these were called back in the 60's I believe. I eventually got off both medications and found ways naturally to sleep and lowered my pain meds to where I'm not falling asleep. It didn't happen overnight, just gradually. You don't specify why you are taking these, so I can only tell you of my situation. I hope this has helped you in some small way. Take care!

Tonka8561 29 May 2011

I agree with the post above - taking an upper with a depressant is not a good thing for the heart. I suppose if they were taken hours apart from each other it isn't so bad. Heck - out here they took a canned cocktail off the market because it was killing the idiots who were drinking it - it was a concentrated mix of alcohol and caffiene and other OTC stimulants.

And, I am not calling you an idiot. Good luck free discount card

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