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I take vicodin and trazopam at night can I still take prazosin and clonazepam at night also?

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cpulliam 24 Apr 2010

i am not sure but i take150mg trazadone,3mg clonazepam, 2 10mg vicodin, i am on a fentynal pain patch, also take 90 mg of cymbalta, and mirtazapine 15mg this is all at bed time to help with depression,anxiety,panic disorder, insomnia, pain and restless leg symdrone... after 4 years of being on these medications i started looking into them and there is alot of discrepency. one ofmy meds for restless leg saidcan cause severe gambling addition which is something i never did before, my sugesstion is to look up meds and get info, i also foundout some of my meds were suppose to be 3-5 weeks short term and 4 years later i am still on them

mamarenee02221 25 Apr 2010

well i was on miraplex for restless legs but not now new dr i had 2 major surgerys in 2 months of each other which one is pace maker and other was complete hystertocomy which was dec 18TH and feb 15th been depressed since then also broke up with a man i really loved for 2 years and went back to hubby that i was seperated from for those 2 years Been back with hubby since march 10th and depression seems to b getting worse to point where i stay in closet and bang head again st wall to point of hubby calling cops scared i am going to harm self but drs tell me i have been thru alot since dec from abusive relationship and surgerys to now so am i really going crazy are is it fact of surgeries harmones change of life what need help if at all possible free discount card

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