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Taking Vicodin and Soma for back pain, starting Ambien for sleep problem... any dangers?

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RSDHurtzme 24 Sep 2010

I have chronic pain from RSD and was given Ambien about 10yrs ago as I couldn't sleep due to the pain. For me it just didn't help but my Aunt who is now in her 70's was given Ambien also for aiding in sleep with pain and she started to sleep walk even though she is on a walker. She would wake up on the floor as in her sleep she would forget to use her walker.

Look it up as you will find this as a listed side effect/warning. Try it first but at least be aware. Ask your pharmacist how it will react with your other medications also.
Best Wishes for better sleep

southernsouth 19 Nov 2010

I have been on pain meds for 30 years and heavy pain meds for 12 years. Because of the pain I have been on prescription sleep aids for many years. Because it reached the point where I was sleeping 1 hour then waking up sleep two hours and wake up. This was continuing for weeks so the doctor prescribed Ambien. Wham Bam. I slept the whole night thru. So I thought!! The next morning I was looking for my eye glasses and then the TV remote. What a search. I had no idea that I had been up during the night but some how or some way or someone had taken my eye glasses and put them in the refrigerator and I finally found the TV remote in a bottom drawer in the kitchen. Months later I repeated my story to another doctor and she told me one morning that she had a patient who walked into her office afer driving from his home. She told me he had taken an Ambien the night before and was still asleep in her office. My feelings that pill needs to be placed in the trash.

cholemarie 14 Dec 2010

ive heard that sleeping pill is real bad everyone i knowed that took it slept walked but if your taking soma they usually make you tired i have to take them four times a day with pain and xanxa they really help me relaxe and go to sleep

Inactive 24 Sep 2010

Hi poolman, I believe each of these meds are central nervous system depressants. If you have any pulmonary problems this might be a bit much for your system. Please call your pharmacist about this.

And Ambien can indeed cause odd behavior, one lady here on went shopping and had no memory of it, she drove and purchased hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in the middle of the night! One other person here woke up with marshmallows stuck to her body and hair! Kind of funny, but a tad scary at the same time! Read the print-out on the Ambien, it warns of people doing strange things in their sleep.
Best o' luck to you

subzero58 25 Sep 2010

hi pool,if you can take pain n mussel relaxer during the day try not to take sleep med at the same time.make sure you don't drive till you know how all this med make you feel

Frank M 25 Sep 2010

I still take Vicodin and Soma very carefully be careful adding Ambian, did so about a year ago that was a lethal cocktail, could'nt remember things the following day and even say I blacked out be careful it's a dangerous combo. I don't take Ambian anymore total loss of memory. Be aware of accidential overdose if you think there not working and take more. It scared me. Be careful of Valium and Vicodin thats just as bad if not worse maybe I took to much but people would ask me what's wrong with me I was acting very goofy if I was out I did'nt know where I was.

Inactive 25 Sep 2010

That is quite scary Frank M... at least you didn't wake up with marshmallows in your hair! Ha!

weldtron 13 Jun 2011

I take T- 4s,valium 10mg and soma. I also was prescribed ambien for sleep. I have been taking the t4s & Vs for years with out a problem if you take them as prescribed. Soma worked OK. Ambien didn't do a thing for me. Give me a placidyl or seconal or butisol sodium, any of these will make you sleep but be sure you are in bed when you take one.

i use to take ambien. i sent pictures to other ppl from my phone and dont remember it... doesnt sound that bad, but the worst part of it was, i was in my "sexy clothes"... lots of goodys showing. i dont remember doing it. i would call people all night and have no clue about it the next day. i also had sex without remembering. its very scary to think that a med can do that to u when its just suppose to help you sleep. you can look your meds up on the interaction check located at the top of the page. it will let you know if there are any dangers of mixing these drugs. if you cant understand it (as i often dont) then you should def call your pharmacist and ask them.

lubear 22 May 2011

Ambien is a scary drug. I will never take it again. It sure IS a hypnotic drug, and to me, very dangerous. I took it 2 or 3 times over a period of 2 months. Each time, the next morning I was violently ill. Threw up every 10 min for many hours, and was extremely sick for 12 - 15 hours, so my day was worthless. Seems I was close to having a stroke too. I'm not opposed to taking meds, but this one should be taken off the market. WAY too dangerous! There are so many stories out there (true stories) that confirm what I'm talking about. NASTY STUFF!!

dmfdjttor57 25 Sep 2010

One other problem is simply that it has the ability to become addicting, just like the vicodin and soma, so if it helps and you don't have the sleep walking problem, you probably shouldn't concern yourself with one more thing that is addicting, we have to take what is needed to be able to live as normal lives as possible as far as I am concerned. Unless you are wanting to stay away from something else that you may end up needing, it is one of the lighter sleep aids that is not otc, so hope you can find relief and not have any of the other problems. There are also herbal supplements if you have not yet tried any that may work and you would not need another rx. Best of luck

Inactive 25 Sep 2010

I always forget about Melatonin! That is a natural sleep aid.

my friend was told by her sons pediatrician to give him (4yrs old at the time) melatonin. it worked for about a month... then nothing would knock that lil boy out! maybe it could work tho... everyone is different. and if you could find natural methods that work, that is def a plus!

sammie scruggs 13 Oct 2010

Sounds as though you're not taking your medication for your back as prescribed. Depending of course on the dosage and mg, you might be taking one to many because it makes you feel good, but at the same time they keep you up causing you a lot of sleep loss. Depending again on the dosage and mg of the ambien, please be careful this medication is very strong. I'm sleep before I know it!!! Actually all of these meds are strong. Are you trying to commit suicide?

dazeygrl 13 Oct 2010

I actually take Ambien if I go a long span without sleeping. I do notice that when falling asleep I get a little disoriented & usually don't remember much. I took it last night before bed, fell asleep & don't have a clue how I got into my bed. It effects people in many different ways.

annatfultz 13 Oct 2010

Definitely check with pharmacist, but regardless be extremely careful because ambien and lortab(vicodin) are very addictive. I was ins a car acc. Several yrs ago and was prescribed lortab (another form of vicodin) and got very badly addicted and have been in treatment for 3 yrs now. So please be extremely careful with any controlled substance. I never thought it would happen to me but it can to anybody. Good lucck:-) follow pharmacist's instructions, but take your pain med during day and ambien at might would be my opinion.

southernsouth 19 Nov 2010

Pls do not take Ambien. Also,I have not found Lortab, after taking it for 13 years 500/10 6 times daily is not addictive. A few years ago I told my pain management doctor that I was concerned about being addicted. My doctor said I wasn't and he would proved it to me. I was off the drug in a few weeks, no problem. Then he put me back a little at a time just as I got off. Your body will become dependent. To get off just elimanate 1 pill for a week, eliminate 1 more pill for a week, Keep going until you are down to one pill a day. then take a pill, skip a day, take a pill, skip two days and keep going until your body no longer needs the pill.

dmlady 13 Oct 2010

The one thing I found true about ambian was when I was on it. I was on 12.5 mg and it did not help a bit. I called the pharmacist, and he said the worse pain your in no sleeping med is going to help put you to sleep he said pain over powers sleeping pills. so, I one night I was not in horrific pain, however I just could not sleep for the life of me, and it worked like a charm. although I was told it could do pretty funky things to different people like sleepwalking doing things you don't remember etc. I was afraid to take it so I made my husband to make sure If I fell asleep I did not do anything funky. He's a light sleeper. But when the pain is not on an upscale it seems to work well for me, but when I am in horrid pain nothing works.
have a pain free day

ElizaJane23 14 Oct 2010

My pharmacist told me the same thing - that being in pain overpowers anything else your body might be doing. Think of the Incredible Hulk - that's how pain is to our bodies. She believes the best treatment for sleep is to treat the pain - and so do I!

29sillygirl 24 Oct 2010

Long term anxiety sufferer and 3 yr anal cancer survivor here. Re: Ambian; prescribed years ago and was worthless for sleep. Agree with comment re pain. Best for acute pain is to treat it... sleep will follow. I take clonazapam for anxiety. It is habit forming, but all that works without severe side effects since cancer. Bottom line: quality of life. Go easy with combo...

phizer21 20 Oct 2010

Hello there. There many different types, sizes and shapes of vicodin. The first thing I would do is check to make sure the pill your taking is what you think it is before you go mixing it with other medications. Below is a chart to better identify the hydrocodone/vicodin.

5/500 vicodin
Watson 349
Russ 500

7.5/750 vicodin ES (Hydrocodone)
RCC GPE Maxidone CE

I hope this helps good luck.

ladyjanern 26 Oct 2010

I was also taking Vicodin for lower back pain for 4.5 yrs. I went off it due to stomach problems and slowed GI motility. I was then diagnosised with gastroparesis which I was told was from long term use of Vicodin. Any medication that slows GI motility should be taken with caution as gastroparesis is not reversable and back pain can be treated by other methods and meds. Insomnia can be treated with melotonin. Narcotics should be used as last resort... sparingly.. I learned the hard way :(

best wishes for good health

RemSupreme 3 Dec 2010

Vicodin 5mg or 10 mg??I take SOMA for my back and the only addiction potential is it braks down to Meprobamate which is Miltown an old school tranquilizer.Ive heard Ambien doing weird things such as slerep eating,sleep driving,sleep-walking etc.I never had any problems with it but my friend did and changed to RESTORIL(Temazepam) and you wont have any of the problems you see with Ambien or any of the other Z-drugs.Good Luck

christineATU 3 Dec 2010

Nice to see you posting Rem!

Incognito1218 4 Dec 2010

Vicodin lead me into years of addiction that progressed to 200 mg of Fentanyl patches a day to 400-480 mg of oxy's a day, (if I couldn't get the fentanyl). It all started with vicodin. Yes, there is EXTREME danger!!! There are alternatives to these narcotics. Soma, Highly addictive, Ambien, (a benzo), highly addictive. Take it from someone who had everything and now is struggling to regain her life back even after nearly 9 months of sobriety. Addiction creeps up on you, it doesn't happen over night and it will not go away over night. Tell your doctor as soon as you can that you do not want any kind of narcotic for pain. These doctor's know what they are doing and how they could even prescribe vicodin (a gateway drug to oxy's fentanyl and anything else you canget your hands on as your tolerance grows). There are non-narcotic pain meds and other solutions to back pain.

brenda fain 13 May 2011

there's some pain that nothing helps but sometimes a pain pill will help you just take the edge off of the pain!and yes these drugs can be harmful if you abuse them!you didn't start off on the drugs taking so much!you increased the dose yourself !you did it not the drugs!they didn't jump into your mouth !yes i know these drugs can and do kill ,but not when taken correctly!

as a pain chronic pain suffer ,who has been on strong pain meds for over 10 years and i'm not addicted to any of my pain meds!depended on them to make it as painless day as possible !but this is not addiction because i need them to survive my pain!and i'm thankful for your friend who has survived with out pain meds!but don't knock me because you became addicted to meds that if you would have taken right you wouldn't have ruined your life!beer and all that stuff causes people to do as you did !but they realize they have the problem not the beer ect,!

ksemak 26 Dec 2010

im probably wrong but i think i just read something about ambien and vicodine are not a good combination sheck the interaction chart to be sure.

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