wreck. my tire was bad because i needed an alignment so i was going to town to get a friend to put on a new tire. on the way to town (which i love 20 miles in the country), i had a blow out, did not hot anything. but me and 2 people behind my vehicle seen that my pick up was wobbly and they saw tge blow out. the police officer arrived. he asked if i had been drinking. i do not drink alcohol, but i told him my medication that i take which is soma. I went to jail that nighy because he thought that i was under the influence, althought i passed every sobriety test at the site. so i asked for a blood test. he took me to the lab. my results came back with soma in my blood, which i have a scipt for that i showed him. the last time i had taken a soma was that morning, and 1 the nite before. this wreck/acciodent was at 7pm. so the last dose takemn about 9 that morning. i bonded out of jail the next day. it took 3 months for the lab results to come in. it did show double the amount of soma level, but i weigh 98 pounds and do not eat like i should. i am a home health nurse with 2 kids and have alot of stress in my life, plus dealing with the back pain. i got arrested for a dwi. which i was not intoxicated. just because i had soma in my purse, they thought i was intoxicated. it is prescribed for three times a day/. i dont even take that much. the da has offered a plea bargain of probation and leg monitor. i am a nurse and can lose my license over this. i had never been to jail before then. how long can soma stay in your blood and does it depend on your weight and other factors as to why the lab results were higher than normal. my memory was not impaired. i drove about 200 miles a day doing home health and could take soma during the day and have no problems driving. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS.