Can some people take only Clonidine 0.1 mg as their blood pressure medicine and no other? Yesterday I had to take the Clonidine 0.1 mg and then I took my usual blood pressure meds and my blood pressure fluctuated all day long and I felt terrible and declined from a social event. Today I took the Clonidine only and I have felt much better even went to the mall to walk and it has been 12 hours and now I will take my other blood pressure meds because it is now 148/69. Today it was 171/90 - 131/63- 131/71-126/62-129/70. I felt good and did not feel bad with mostly depression. I go to a cardiologist because I have a heart murmur - maybe since birth. I am 76 and heart disease runs in my family on both sides. No drug addictions. My husband and I have been care givers with different family members 20 years and it has just about taken its toll on me. Very very hard work, but we have learned a lot and talk about all the sweet memories of our family members. I do not need to gain weight from taking clonidine or the Lexapro 10 mg. that I take.