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I take seroquel I dont think it is right for me what would it do to me if I shouldnt be taking it?

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itsmetoo2 16 Dec 2009

Call your physician's office and make an appoitment to talk with your doctor. In the mean time, if you have been on it keep taking it till you talk to your doctor.

jude2008 16 Dec 2009

What is your seroquel prescribed for??

itsmetoo2 17 Dec 2009

Go to this web page and it tells you everything about it.

It is really a great drug. It has been around for quite sometime now with some great results.
After reading that web site. Feel free to ask any questions and i can see if I can help you.

Happy Holidays

jude2008 17 Dec 2009

I agree that Seroquel is an extremely effective medication. It has helped me so much. I am better controlled than I have been for many years. I guess it doesn't suit everyone though, like most meds.

barbles2413 17 Dec 2009

Do not take anything you do not feel comfortable with. You know you the best . If it feels wrong talk to your Doctor or get another opinion. I have been your place and you have a right to be comfortable with what medication you are taking any why. Ask questions and get answers that make sense to you. You need to be true to yourself first and foremost so do what you need to do to get better and feel comfortable with your meds. Good Luck I hope this is a little helpful. God bless I will keep you in my prayers. Barb

Princess22008 17 Dec 2009

I would have to agree with all that is already posted. If you are not comfortable with a particular medication then you have the right to talk to your doctor and express your concerns, questions and even ask why this med over that one. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. Your talking about your health and well being. No one knows you like you do so don't take something that makes you feel uncomfortable. But also, do not stop taking this without first seeing your doctor. free discount card

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