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I take loratab 10mg 3 times a day, I came up negative on 2 different drug tests,how can this happen?

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christineATU 20 Dec 2010

There's really only 4 possibilities.

1) The medication you take really isn't Lortab. Always double check the pills when you bring them home from the pharmacy.

2) You have a very fast metabolism and the test cut off level isn't picking up on the metabolites in your system.

3) The testing facility is using outdated chemicals/reagents. Some of the chemicals they use have an expiration date.

4) Human error in the lab.

If there's a possibility of the doctor discontinuing these meds because of the negative result, request to have a new test but also request they send it to a different lab. Ameritox is very reputable. Try to take the medication about 1-2 hours before testing. If possible, try to give the first urine in the morning too.

Best wishes,

booter46 21 Dec 2010

Great answer-Chris you amazing, I think I love you. Hope you are staying warm.

christineATU 21 Dec 2010

Awww Booter, how sweet you are!

Jair0912 21 Dec 2010

unfortunatly, because I came up negative I believe I will have to find another doctor. I do not understand how this can happen, I have not gone 1 day in over a year wothout my meds, however I came up negative for this prescription on 2 different drug tests??

christineATU 21 Dec 2010

Is there any way you could get a hair follicle test? It's better than blood test because it can tell what meds were in your system and at what levels for at least the past 3 months. This would be the closest to complete exoneration as you can get.

Jair0912 21 Dec 2010

not sure, but to me it's BS. I have done everything my doctor has asked me to do and now this, I have never come up negative or positive for anything that wasn't prescribed for 2 years that I have been with this doctor and now, not only did it come up negative at the doctor, I had to take one for work and it didn't show up on that test either, so 2 test negative?? I really don't understand. I have been on Loratabs for 6 years since my accident so I can't go without them.

christineATU 21 Dec 2010

It IS BS! But the problem is what can be done about it?? Is your doctor trying to thin out his patient list? Were the 2 urine samples sent to the same lab? Did you actually see the results yourself? You have a right to get a copy of the results. That's the first step I would take. Let them know you plan on fighting this. Also ask them, if you submit to a hair follicle test, will that be sufficient to resume treatment? Any other test may not be good enough for them because they could say you took the meds to pass the test. It's a tough spot you are in. But you DO have the right to fight this and I would. I would go back armed with information about how poorly these labs are run, the stats on inaccurate results, all the data I could find on the net about this. Print it all out and submit the paper work with a cover letter requesting a more accurate test and that your name be cleared. Knowledge is your best weapon to fight this.

Jair0912 21 Dec 2010

I am, we had the lab that test at my job do some research on this as well and I have printed all that out and will take it with me. I even told her she could ask any of my co-workers or family because they see me take my meds everyday. I sisn't think to ask to see the results but I know if I am given another chance I will ask to see the test results myself. Thank you for asll your help and advice.

christineATU 21 Dec 2010

Your very welcome. I would also print out this page. It will show you are very concerned about this. You never know, it might help. free discount card

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