I should tell you all that I was a major opiate addict so I take suboxone 16mg too... but it's the anxiety... I haven't had a major aniety(panic) attack... but I am still so troubled. I have such a low self esteem, I think everyone thinks the worst of me, that alonee causes me tons of anxiety. I was diagnosed with social anx disorder so that answers why I get so wrapped up in those feelings but I think the meds should peobably be doing more..I also have general anxiety dis. and I just want any oppinion on the subject ors things that may help. Keep in mind that my panic attacks and anxiety as a whole has been greatly reduced, its just still pops up throughout a day and 4 mg of kolon a day (i thought) should have taken care. God Bless everyone and I hope your days are happy!!!
<3 Kel