... and a 1/2 weeks. I have a history of drug abuse but I don't consider this abuse. This regimen just doesn't help my pain anymore after 3 yrs. (dependency is up) The last week and a half before my next visit is always hell as you can imagine. So I've been basically "spin drying" as they call it - spinning for 15days and drying out for 15days - every month for several years. Problem is the detox(drying) time is getting harder and harder on my body each passing month. Lots of urinary issues on and off meds. I don't see any meds that I can switch to that will solve the problem because of $ issues. And asking for another increase in what I have will only solve the problem for a month or so before the same thing happens again-I start over medicating. Anybody w/similar issues or advice will be appreciated. thx