Hi everyone, I'm just trying to find out some information on what the best method for my addiction is. I've been abusing percocet for about 2 -1/2 yrs using them everynight i never had a presciption just bought them from various people. I would only take them at night as a recreational habit i took about 2 of the yellow percs with 10/325 imprinted on the pill. It sounds like a small amount compared to the posts i've read but i cant seem to kick the habit, everytime i stop i make it a week and the anxiety overpowers me. I've never been clean for more than 6 days straight and i never experienced severe withdrawals just slight sweating or nausea, the anxiety is what really broke me. I have an appt with a specialist next week im trying to see if suboxone could help me get clean, but im not sure if i really need or im just struggling with a complete mental addiction. I'm basically asking if anyone has any idea whats going on with me and if suboxone is right for me?