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I take 150mg of Trazodone a day. My doctor just prescribed cymbalta 30mg. a day. Is it safe?

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barbles2413 10 Dec 2009

I am sorry that I can not answer this question from experience but not knowing what your diagnosis is it is hard to say what is safe or not safe. Are you taking it as a sleep aid? I do take cymbalta I started on 30 for 1 week then 60 I have been taking it foe about 4 1/2 weeks. The cymbalta can give sleep issues maybe this is why he precribed it. But it is hard to say not knowing what he is treating you for. Maybe you can ask your pharmacist for advice on this or if you are concerned ask you doctor. He would be your best person to ask and do not feel funny calling and asking him/her. I have done it many times and having worked in the medical field I have first hand knowledge that they would rather you ask questions and understand why they are prescribing the meds and what they should do for you rather than you having anxiety not understanding their function in helping you feel better. Good Luck and God Bless I hope this works for you. Feel Better Barb

Minnieme 10 Dec 2009

According to this site's info it's a major interaction, but we all vary in how we react to meds.

goodnewsdoc 12 Dec 2009

I came off of Trazodone and went onto 60mg Cymbalta 2 times a day. Two years later, I can honestly say "thank God." For me, Cymbalta has had multiple benefits. One, I sleep better. Two, I get relief from some of my chronic spinal pain. Three, it kept my depression in check - especially after my mother passed. Trazodone gave me weird dreams and nightmares, dry mouth, and other problems. Other than a slight change in sexual sensitivity, I can find no fault in Cymbalta. P.S. I don't work for the company that manufactures it. :^) Best wishes, Goodnewsdoc free discount card

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