I actually got off 95 mg of methadone once before. So this isn't new to me, but for the past few months, I have been taking both. I decided to stop the methadone for about a week, and just do the oxy's so I can break the cycle of one. While i tried to stop the oxy, my body still hurt tremendously since i got tolerant to both. So today I tried just methadone low dose and upped is slowly throughout the day. I only got up to 25mg, and then by 5:00 my body needed a little oxy. I was taking about 500mg of oxy then switched. My question, in a nutshell. I was doing pretty good today on just the methadone and xanax, but when my body started really hurting, I had to give to give it a little oxy (120mg or (4) 30 mg pills) Now i can get some laundry and sh*t done. I took a few vacation days till monday, so I'd like to conquer the oxy issue and just stay on the methadone. My question is, is it bad to taper at a lower dose like 120, and take one less a day while I'm on the methadone or just stop it totally while i have 5 days to get this accomplished. I was doing really good, but for about 5 days I was taking 15-16 30mg a day , and probably didn't hit the worst of it yet while on the methadone. I'd like to stop totally, but maybe today doing the 4 oxy, then 3 tomorrow then 2 then 1, while taking the methadone will help better? Can anyone help?