I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half, and he mentioned when we first met he was involved with drugs previously when he was younger.

I explained I did not want drugs in my life and he mentioned he hasn’t done anything in years he wasn’t going to jeopardize our relationship for that.

Six months ago he started to act differently and one day his mum mentioned to me that something is a lot off with him, and pointed a lot of stuff out that suspected he was using..

I then looked back on his weird behavior, and also suspect he is constantly lying to me and doing drugs “crack”.
Recently, on several occasions I found some bags with drugs in it and a pipe…

I never told him as I was waiting for him to come clean, and I didn’t want him to think I was invading his privacy?
Im really worried.
It makes me feel sick to my stomach, I have told him I will leave if he keeps lying to me because I know something is going on, because I don’t need this is in my life... if he tells me I can at least help him but he insists to keep it all hidden…
I feel like everyday he gets worse and worse…It feels like he is in a totally different world…

He hasn’t always been this way, and I feel he has changed dramatically because of drugs, the person I fell in love with is a totally different to what he is now… do I stay by him and help him through this? What do I do to get him to stop?