Fibromyalgia by my Rheumotoligist. Due to how closely my family Dr. worked w/ my spelcialist he took care of my Rx writting. Of course over the yrs. Norco went to OcyContin 40 then to higher doses w/ Norco for the break through pain. Problem now is my family Dr. is retiring and he had given me the name of a pain management clinic, I thought great that's probably a good idea anyway. After 3 messages to the pain center w/in a wk. I get a call back. The lady was short and rude telling me we only do injections here. I called my GP who gave me another name. I'm telling my friend I got the name of another pain specialist. She stated she went there and had a horrible exp. and said she felt like a child. I looked the Dr up on the web only to find several very poor ratings. At this point I dont know how to go about finding a good pain management center. Does anybody have any suggestions or similar stories. This is also my first time using a support chat group; I figured it won't hurt. Thank you.