ago a neurosurgeon removed approximately 90% of a fragmented disc. Shortly afterwards, my pain management physician began prescribing OxyContin 10 mg tablets, twice a day. The medication provided almost instantaneous relief; however, over time, I've noticed the benefits are decreasing. Each time I suggest an increase in either the dosage or frequency of consumption to my pain management physician, he'll mention that it isn't "good" to remain on OxyContin "too long." My sense is that he fears I either have, or may become dependent on the drug, despite random, unannounced urine screens that have never shown an unacceptable level of the drug in my system. How do I overcome his apparent resistance? Two different neurologists have examined MRI's of my spine and remarked that, at 55 years of age, I have the spine of a man more than twenty years my senior. Thank you!