Hi all,

Recently i moved away from home (first time) and fell and broke my jaw. Also while i was out there i got a bug which stopped me from eating all the time. I am now back to eating fine but anxiety still stays with me. I was put on paroxetine for 2 weeks but i used to be the type " who didnt like taking tablets " I did feel like i was getting better but felt really tired all the time. I am now going to be put on paxil and was wondering is it the best thing for me? I feel like i have alot of tension in my head, cannot focus, feel dizzyness when standing, and also not confident on my feet. I believe this is all down to the fall but a bad experience may have caused this.

I would really like some re-assurance as my doctor seems to believe this drug will help my anxiety, i used to be a confident young lad (21 years old) I have only suffered from anxiety for about 5 months but deffinately need help.

Any advice would be fantastic, also anyone who has been in this position to leave some feedback would be great.